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Network Places Monitor - audit your network expertly

Secure your network by exploring and monitoring all connected computers.


  • Report and log the computers on your domain filtered by type and function.

  • Discover unwanted computer connections on your network.

  • Reveal the full range of server types and operating systems being used.

  • View computers on your primary or secondary domains.

  • Log and report all connected computers over a period of time.

  • View detailed computer information such as operating system and named comments.

  • Create reports and export in HTML, XML, CSV, RTF or Text formats.

Supported filter types:

Server, Workstation, SQL Server, Terminal Server, Cluster, Dial In Server, Timer Server, Print Server, NT Based, Unix Based, Novell Based, Apple Based, Domain Controller, Backup Domain Controller, Domain Master, Master Browsers, Backup Browsers, or create custom filters.

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